A1 Bfree aufladen

A1 B Free

A1 is actually A1 Telekom Austria. The company only appears as such. However, this provider has more than 5.4 million mobile and 2.3 million fixed network customers, making it the leading communications provider in Austria. That is why it also operates its own networks for mobile and location-based telephony. With its headquarters in Vienna, the company is also always there for customers very quickly and can help very easily with problems.

Bfree is an A1 Bfree offer and is considered one of the many new tariffs. This A1 Bfree tariff is particularly cheap, but just as reliable and sensible.

But as an A1 Bfree customer, there are other advantages. For example, there are very cheap Austria tariffs as well as practical additional options. In the following, we would like to go into more detail about the tariffs and name their advantages. It is not only the low prices that are worth mentioning but also the Bfree top-up. For example, you can top up your friends' credit with Bfree.

Top up Bfree: Top up your own credit or that of your friends

You can top up Bfree however you like. The mobile phone provider offers many different options here. Which are very interesting and worthwhile. For example, you can opt for the Bfree convenience top-up. But this is basically like a contract and is therefore not recommended.

Then you can also top up Bfree via the internet. There are many different options. If you top up credit online, you can also give it as a gift. Surprise your friends by topping up their credit.

Top-up instructions

  1. Dial *102*CODE# and press the call button
  2. Call 0800 6642 90 and follow the instructions
  3. call +43 6646 646 66 from abroad and follow the instructions