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Lycamobile Credit


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Lycamobile Topup to Stay Connected Anywhere, Anytime 

Refresh your Lycamobile credit conveniently with ReloadNow.com. The Lycamobile topup services ensure that you can easily recharge your phone and stay connected with family and friends, no matter where you are. Whether you need more data or minutes, Lycamobile and ReloadNow.com provide a quick, secure, and easy solution. 

Advantages of Using Lycamobile Topup 

  • Worldwide Connectivity: Stay connected with Lycamobile's extensive network coverage, perfect for international calls and roaming. 
  • Flexible Topup Amounts: Whether you're a light user or need lots of data and minutes, there's a topup option for you. 
  • Quick Credit: Instantly topup to your Lycamobile balance, keeping your services uninterrupted. 

Get Your Lycamobile Topup Now 

Don't let low credit stop your conversations or data usage. Visit ReloadNow.com to easily recharge your Lycamobile and ensure you’re always connected. It’s fast, secure, and user-friendly – perfect for staying in touch no matter where life takes you. 

  • Activate your top-up by calling Lycamobile at 321

Call the 321 number from your mobile phone and follow the instructions given. The service will ask you for your Lycamobile top-up code, which we emailed you after your purchase.

  • Activate your Lycamobile top-up by dialling *231*

Dial *231* on your mobile followed by your top-up code and the # symbol, then press the call key to complete the process.

Here is an example to guide you: if your reload code is 123456789, then you should type *231*123456789# and validate by pressing the call key.

  • Activate your Lycamobile top-up from abroad or from another phone

Are you currently on holiday outside of Austria, or do you maybe want to activate your reload from a different line? Then simply give a call to +4368864001322 and follow the instructions.

Can't find your reload code in your mailbox? Have a look at your spam!