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Lycamobile €20


Direct delivery



Stay Connected Whenever You Want

Recharge your Lycamobile effortlessly with a 20 euro topup from ReloadNow.com. This amount is perfect for users who need a balanced mix of calls, texts, and data. Whether you're keeping in touch with local friends or making international calls, this topup keeps you connected without breaking the bank.

Advantages of a €20 Lycamobile Topup

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Extend your talking time, texting, and data usage without worries.
  • Cost-Effective: Get more from your mobile service without extra charges.
  • Email Delivery: We'll send your top-up code directly to your email for quick and easy access.

Get Your €20 Lycamobile Topup Now

Don't let a low balance disrupt your mobile usage. Top up now with €20 on ReloadNow.com and continue enjoying the dependable service of Lycamobile. It’s also suitable for medium users who appreciate the convenience of having extra credits on hand for when they need it.

  • Activate your top-up by calling Lycamobile at 321: Simply dial 321 from your Lycamobile phone and follow the voice prompts. You will be asked to enter the Lycamobile top-up code, which we sent to your email after your purchase. 
  • Alternatively, activate your top-up by dialing 231: Key in 231, followed by your top-up code and the # symbol on your mobile keypad. Press the call button to complete activation. For instance, if your top-up code is 123456789, enter 231123456789# and press the call button to confirm. 
  • Activate your Lycamobile top-up from abroad or using another phone: If you are abroad or need to activate from a different phone, dial +4368864001322 and follow the instructions provided. 

Can't find your top-up code in your email? Be sure to check your spam folder!