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Lycamobile National

Lycamobile National L

XS | €4.90
L | €14.90

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Extend Your Reach Online Whenever You Want

Maximize your mobile capabilities with the 14.90 euro Lycamobile National L topup, available on ReloadNow.com. This topup is tailored for users who need more extensive mobile services like extra data, unlimited call time, and number of texts. It's perfect for staying connected without worrying about running out of credit. 

Benefits of Choosing National L €14.90 Topup 

  • Great Value: At 14.90 euro, it's an excellent choice for those who need more frequent top-ups without overspending. 
  • Perfect for Moderate Use: Ideal for users who regularly make calls, send texts, and use data, offering a balanced amount of credit. 
  • Manageable Spending: Allows you to control your mobile expenses without the commitment of larger top-ups. 
  • Instant Credit: Provides immediate access to your account, ensuring you stay connected without any delays. 
  • No Long-Term Commitment: Enjoy the benefits of a prepaid solution without any contractual obligations. 

Get Your Lycamobile National L €14.90 Topup Now 

Stay ahead with the 14.90 euro Lycamobile National L topup. Visit ReloadNow.com to top up your phone today and enjoy uninterrupted mobile services tailored to your lifestyle. Whether you're streaming content, engaging in lengthy calls, or staying active on social media, this topup package keeps you connected with reliability and ease. 

  • To activate your top-up by calling Lycamobile at 321: Simply dial 321 from your Lycamobile handset and follow the voice prompts. You will be required to enter the Lycamobile top-up code, which was sent to your email after your purchase. 
  • Alternatively, to activate your top-up by dialing *231*: Key in *231*, followed by your top-up code and the # symbol on your mobile keypad. Press the call button to complete the activation. For instance, if your top-up code is 123456789, type *231*123456789# and press the call button to confirm. 
  • To activate your Lycamobile top-up from abroad or using another phone: If you're currently overseas or need to activate from a different phone, dial +4368864001322 and follow the provided instructions. 

If you cannot find your top-up code in your email, remember to check your spam folder!