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Lycamobile National

Lycamobile National XS

XS | €4.90
L | €14.90

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Compact but Mighty Lycamobile National Topup

Boost your mobile experience with the Lycamobile National XS 4.90 euro topup available on ReloadNow.com. This budget-friendly topup option is perfect for light users who need a quick and affordable way to extend their mobile services without committing to larger topup amounts. Whether it's for occasional calls or texts, this topup is ideal for those who prefer to keep their mobile expenses low while staying connected.

Why Opt for the National XS €4.90 Topup?

  • Perfect for Low Usage: Ideal for users who need their mobile primarily for essential communication. 
  • Economical: A cost-effective way to maintain mobile services ensuring you only use what you need. 
  • Immediate Access: Get instant credit to your account, avoiding any downtime or disruptions. 
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for calls, texts, and light data usage, making it a flexible option for everyday needs. 

Purchase Your Lycamobile National XS €4.90 Topup Today

Don't let a low balance disrupt your mobile usage. The Lycamobile National XS 4.90 euro topup is your best bet for staying connected on a budget. Visit ReloadNow.com now to recharge—simple, secure, and reliable. Enjoy the convenience of maintaining your mobile services with this compact but mighty topup, designed to meet the needs of light users who value efficiency and affordability. 

  • Activate your top-up by calling Lycamobile at 321: Simply dial 321 from your Lycamobile phone and follow the voice prompts. You will be required to enter the Lycamobile top-up code, which was sent to your email after your purchase. 
  • Alternatively, activate your top-up by dialing *231#: Key in *231*, followed by your top-up code and the # symbol on your mobile keypad. Press the call button to complete the activation. For instance, if your top-up code is 123456789, type *231*123456789# and press the call button to confirm. 
  • Activate your Lycamobile top-up from abroad or from another phone: If you are abroad or need to activate your top-up from a different phone, dial +4368864001322 and follow the instructions provided. 

Can't find your top-up code in your email? Remember to check your spam folder!