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Magenta €20


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Magenta Top-Ups are specifically designed to be compatible only with Austrian SIM cards. When you recharge with this Magenta voucher, your Klax subscription will be extended for an additional 12 months. Users of prepaid cards are required to provide identification. 

This is valid only for Magenta T-Mobile Austria customers. The terms and conditions of T-Mobile Austria GmbH apply. 

€20 Magenta Top-Up To Optimize Your Mobile Use

Elevate your mobile usage with the 20 euro Magenta Top-Up, available on ReloadNow.com. Ideal for medium users who frequently use their phones for both business and pleasure, this top-up ensures you won’t miss important calls or exciting social updates.

Key Benefits of €20 Magenta Top-Up

  • Enough Credit: Stay connected with sufficient credit for all your mobile activities. Perfect for users who need more than just the basics.
  • Cost-Effective: Enjoy better cost efficiency with a top-up that meets your higher usage demands.
  • Secure Online Payments: Your payment information remains confidential with our transaction process.

Secure Your €20 Magenta Top-Up Today

Experience the convenience of hassle-free mobile recharges with ReloadNow.com. Secure your 20 euro Magenta Top-Up today and stay ahead with uninterrupted service. Top up now, stay connected, and make the most of your mobile experience. This top-up is ideal for medium users who need reliable and ample credit for their active mobile lifestyle.

  • To top up your account, call Magenta at 2040 from your mobile device and follow the instructions. You will need the Lycamobile top-up code, which has been emailed to you after your purchase. 

Please note: Calling this number is free of charge for Magenta customers within Austria. 

  • Alternatively, you can activate your Magenta top-up by dialing 105, followed by your 14-digit top-up code, and ending with the # symbol. Press the call button to proceed. For example, if your reload code is 123456789, you would dial 105123456789# and then press the call button to confirm. 

If you cannot find your top-up code in your inbox, be sure to check your spam folder!