Roblox Karte


Hello, fellow Robloxian, you’ve got some Robux on a gift card waiting for you and you are not sure how to put them on your account? Well, you are at the right place! We are here to help and will lead you to the steps to redeem your Robux. No need to worry, you’ll see it's super easy, just follow these few steps from your browser: 

  1. Head to the Roblox redemption website and connect to your account

  2. Enter the PIN code from your Gift Card in the dedicated space

  3. And click on Redeem to confirm

All done, you are all set! Your Robux have been added to your account and a success message should appear on your screen. 

Unfortunately, you can’t redeem your Roblox game card from the Roblox app. You will need to do it from your browser. If you need some extra help redeeming your Roblox gift card, check out the dedicated Roblox help page. 

Can't find your ReloadNow code in your mailbox? Don't forget to check your spam!

⚠ You will have to use the full amount on the card at once, as it can only be redeemed one time.