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Perfect for Short Trips While Staying on a Budget, €25 Share Now Gift Card 

Unlock the freedom and convenience of car sharing with the 25 euro SHARE NOW Gift Card. Perfect for several uses, this gift card offers flexible transportation options without the commitment of car ownership. Enjoy the ease of accessing a vehicle for short trips around the city or spontaneous outings. It's also an ideal, thoughtful gift for anyone needing a reliable and budget-friendly travel solution. Embrace a greener, more efficient way to travel with SHARE NOW. 

Who is the €25 Share Now Gift Card for? 

  • Daily Commuters: Perfect for those who commute to work or school daily, offering a reliable transportation option and helping manage travel expenses efficiently. 
  • City Residents: Ideal for people living in urban areas who need a car for short trips around the city, offering a private and convenient alternative to public transportation. 
  • Occasional Drivers: Suitable for individuals who don’t drive daily but need a car occasionally for specific tasks or outings, providing enough credit to cover several short trips or a couple of longer trips. 
  • Eco-Conscious Users: Ideal for those who prefer to use car sharing as a sustainable alternative to owning a personal vehicle, supporting the concept of shared mobility and contributing to less traffic congestion and pollution. 

Why Choose €25 Share Now Card? 

  • Balance Combining: Add this card’s value to other Share Now credits. 
  • Flexible Usage: Use the credit for various trip lengths with a long expiration date of 3 years, adapting to your daily needs. 
  • No Ownership Hassle: Avoid the costs and responsibilities of car ownership while still enjoying the benefits. 
  • Thoughtful Gift: A practical gift for someone who could benefit from convenient, flexible transportation. 

Buy your €25 Share Now Gift Card Now 

Purchase your 25 euro Share Now Gift Card on Reloadnow.com and receive it instantly via email. Enjoy a secure transaction and the convenience of immediate digital delivery, ensuring that your next journey begins without delay. Perfect for last-minute gifts or just treating yourself. 

  1. Download the Share Now App: Available on both iOS and Android. 
  2. Create an Account or Log In: Sign up or log into your existing Share Now account. 
  3. Enter Your Code: In the payment section, enter the gift card code to apply the 25 euro credit to your account. 
  4. Start Driving: Use the credit towards your next car-sharing adventure and enjoy exploring the city. 

Remember the following: 

  • Redemption Process: Vouchers can be redeemed through the SHARE NOW app by adding them to your payment profile. 
  • Validity Period: Each voucher is valid for three years. 
  • Activation Requirement: Enter the voucher code in the app before starting your rental. 
  • Usage Restrictions: Vouchers cannot be combined with other voucher codes. 
  • Single Use: Each voucher can only be redeemed once. 
  • Non-Refundable: It's not possible to exchange vouchers for cash. 
  • Prohibition on Resale and Publication: Reselling or publishing vouchers is strictly prohibited.