Steam Gutschein


The Steam voucher is an increasingly popular gift card these days. This increasing popularity is only logical because the Steam card offers a wealth of possibilities in the field of gaming. The Steam voucher can be purchased on and is available in values ​​of €20, €50 or €100.

The Steam map is of course great fun to buy for yourself, but it also makes a very original gift for someone who is absolutely crazy about all things PC gaming.

1. Sign in to your Steam account ( ).
2. Enter your PIN code and click Next.
3. If necessary, the value of your card will be converted from euros to your home currency. Because of this, you may be asked to provide your address.

Steam is a not very long-established platform specifically geared towards playing games on PC. You can find a huge selection of PC games on Steam. These can be games of all genres, both classic and newly released games. In short: Steam is the first address for everyone who likes to play games on the PC.

The range of games on Steam includes a total of more than 30,000 different games. Aside from this large selection of PC games, there are more on Steam. Steam is also a platform where gamers who like it can connect with each other in different ways. On Steam, for example, there is a community specifically for players of all kinds of games. Here you can easily get in touch with other players who are playing the same game as you.

Steam also provides up-to-date information on the latest developments in PC games. If you keep an eye on these developments, you'll always be among the first to know exactly what game is coming out.

The Steam Gift Card is not only fun to use yourself, but it also makes a fantastic gift for anyone who can't get enough of PC gaming. When you gift a Steam card, the recipient can choose which game(s) he or she wants to buy.

So there's no need to think about which game to gift - you can choose from over 30,000 different PC games to gift! With the Steam Gift Card, you can be sure that you will receive a gift that will be greatly appreciated.

Purchasing and redeeming the Steam gift card is actually quite simple: Choose the Steam card with a credit of 20, 50 or 100 euros on and put the card in the shopping cart. Now you pay for the Steam card after you have entered some information (including your e-mail address).

After that, you will receive the Steam Coupon in your email almost immediately. You can then use the code on the Steam card you received to load credit into your Steam account. You can then use this credit to buy your favourite game(s).