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You need to top up your cell phone, but you don't have the possibility to go to the store to buy a top-up? ReloadNow will quickly become your preferred solution. Our platform offers, from its launch, mobile top-ups for Orange, SFR and Lycamobile operators and soon more. 

What are the advantages of buying mobile top-ups online? Who is this solution for? How does it work? We answer all your questions in this article.

Why buy a mobile top-up online?

You have chosen a prepaid offer for all the advantages it implies. The freedom and ease of control over their budget are the main arguments that push a person to choose this solution for their mobile. Until now, it also came with some disadvantages. In particular, the one of having to go to a local shop, to buy a mobile top-up. 

Buying mobile top-ups online now gives you even more freedom. It is now possible to buy a new top-up at any time, from anywhere, and to activate it immediately. So, if your credit has expired or is used up, you don't have to wait any longer to buy a new top-up. 

Directly from your smartphone or from a computer, you can recharge any phone number you want. The online mobile top-up is especially ideal for families. You don't even need to enter the code on your children's phone to redeem the code received. Reciprocally, you can help your parents by managing their reloads for them directly. A simple and efficient way to top up all the phones of your family and friends, even from a distance! 

How does the online top-up work? 

ReloadNow offers you to top up your cell phone in the same way as your operator, but simplifying the task and allowing you to do it for other people. Take advantage of this service in just three steps:

Choose your operator among Orange, SFR and Lycamobile
Select the amount of the desired top-up and proceed to the payment  
Activate your top-up according to the instructions received by email.

It will take you less than two minutes per refill. 
No more unnecessary travel and no more time wasted waiting just to reload your SIM card. You will be able to fully benefit from the freedom granted by prepaid offers minus the constraints. 

Buying a refill online with ReloadNow also allows you to credit the phones of your relatives remotely. And those from anywhere, even when you travel abroad. So, if ever your parents or children's top-up has expired while you are abroad, it will be possible to take care of it online. Their refill will be sent directly to their phone. 

Just like your usual physical outlet, ReloadNow offers you its top-ups as a partner of the carriers. These refills are perfectly official and functional. The service offered by the platform allows you to benefit from the products of your providers in a very simple way. 

Why choose ReloadNow for your mobile top-ups?

By offering mobile top-ups for several operators, ReloadNow provides you with flexibility in the choice of mobile operators. So if you're not sure which carrier to go with, you have the opportunity to compare the different top-up packages available for each carrier. 

Moreover, ReloadNow also offers you the possibility to top up all your SIM cards simply from the same platform. An advantage, especially if you and your family have different providers. Whether it is a prepaid Orange Mobicarte for you, a prepaid SFR La Carte for your children or a low-cost Lycamobile recharge for your parents. ReloadNow allows you to centralize your reloads. 

For comfort, families always choose the same operator to facilitate the refills, even if it means losing money. With the different top-ups offered on ReloadNow, you are no longer limited and will be able to top up in the same way for all the operators of your household or of your relatives. 

Online mobile top-ups are clearly the future, because of the simplicity they offer. As time goes by, physical top-ups will disappear or be used on a very occasional basis. For this reason, ReloadNow is working to extend its panel of partners and thus propose even more operators and prepaid offers.

Orange Classic Top-up €25 + €8

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SFR La Carte Internet €25

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Lycamobile Pass National M - €14.99

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