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Enjoy all the advantages of a bank card without being tied to a bank with the PCS MasterCard! A true payment card, which is both prepaid and reloadable. The PCS card is valid throughout the entire MasterCard payment network. 

With many advantages, the PCS card has nothing to envy to a classic credit card and allows you to make all your purchases and withdrawals independently, and in an ultra-secure way.

The PCS MasterCard has plenty of special surprises up its sleeve. Among them, let yourself be surprised by the ease with which you will reload your online payment card! All you need is a PCS ticket or PCS coupon that you can find directly on ReloadNow.

After buying your PCS voucher, simply go to your My PCS account and redeem it. To validate your reload, you just have to send a code by text message, which appears on the PCS ticket. In no time, your card is ready for use again.

PCS MasterCard


Once you have finished shopping on ReloadNow, you will receive your PCS MasterCard reload code by email at the email address you provided. Please note that the PCS coupons we offer are reloads only!  The code received must be activated via the PCS services before it can be used as a payment method.

To activate your PCS MasterCard code, nothing could be easier! Choose the method of your choice from the following options and follow the instructions: 

  • Activate your PCS MasterCard code via your MyPCS online account

Go to the MyPCS website and log in to your account. Go to the menu and select "Reload my card" and then go to the "PCS Reload Coupon" section. Next, enter the 10-digit code you received by email after purchasing a PCS top-up on ReloadNow.

  • Activate your PCS MasterCard code from the MyPCS mobile app

From the MyPCS mobile application, go to the "Recharge" tab and then to the coupon section. In the dedicated space, enter your 10-digit reload code that we sent you by e-mail  

Congrats, your PCS MasterCard has been reloaded! 

Can't find your code in your mailbox? Don't forget to check your spam!

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