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Share Now

Whether as a gift or for personal use, SHARE NOW vouchers can be purchased in the form of digital voucher codes.

Vouchers are redeemable via the SHARE NOW app.
Customers can add the vouchers to their payment profile.

- The vouchers are valid for three years.
- The code must be entered in the app before the rental begins.
- A voucher cannot be combined with other voucher codes.
- A voucher can only be redeemed once.
- A cash payment of the voucher amount is not possible.
- The resale and publication of vouchers are prohibited.

Getting from A to B without owning your own car? No problem with Share Now, because here you can rent your dream car when you need it, where you need it and for how long you need it. Flexible use, at low prices and with the new Share Now voucher cards you can even make your friends happy! Not sure what to give for Christmas, a birthday or any other occasion? Then share driving pleasure like never before with Share Now and the matching voucher gift!

Having your own car is expensive and you don't always have the space. Share Now offers you the opportunity to drive a car when you need it. Forget the worries about regular insurance costs and the eternal search for a parking space. Share Now is your solution if you occasionally fancy a premium car but otherwise want the full flexibility of car-free living.

There's no better or easier way to get there. Share Now cars can be found on every corner and you decide how long you want to book. In the cities of Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and Berlin, Share Now is already part of the cityscape and more and more cities and towns are joining the driving area.

Why buy when you can simply borrow the car you want? Why put up with the disadvantages of owning your own car when the advantages are completely sufficient? No matter where you are, all you need is your app and you can unlock a car near you, get in and drive away. When you don't need it any more, you park it properly, close the door and you're free again!

Share Now's generous rates mean you don't have to pay for parking, refuelling or charging your e-car. Insurance is also already included in the all-round package. It really is as simple as it sounds. Get in, close the door, drive off. Almost a bit like taking the train, except that your Share Now car is always on time, always available and you're guaranteed no raging and noisy passengers sitting next to you. Unless, of course, you invite them on a city tour.

For you? For her? For him? Share Now is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to stay mobile and flexible, but without a long-term commitment. Having your own car is not only expensive, but also involves a lot of effort. Using an app and even having the car delivered to a desired location on time is simple and the concept of Share Now!

Thanks to the practical voucher cards, you can top up your account directly and get going. Want to treat a friend or colleague to something special? Then grab the Share Now voucher and give your favourite person a free ride with premium cars and the all-round carefree package on the road!