Carte AstroPay


Buy AstroPay Our virtual debit card on ReloadNow.

Take your online payments to the next level with and AstroPay vouchers! With our AstroPay voucher, you can load your AstroPay account in just a few clicks – simply buy any denomination of 10 - 100 euros. Then pay using one of our payment methods, PayPal, Credit and Debit cards, or Cryptocurrency. It’s that easy, you now have prepaid credit! AstroPay also gives you added security; your card information is encrypted and never shared with merchants. 

The AstroPay voucher, just like the gaming cards and gitf vouchers from ReloadNow, is a nice gift and a secure payment method.

It is a virtual-prepaid card which is a reliable payment option that can be used to purchase online. AstroPay Voucher offers secure and anonymous transactions, making it the perfect choice for online shoppers looking to remain anonymous while still enjoying a fast and secure payment method. You can use it to purchase items from any online merchant that accepts AstroPay as a form of payment.

Absolutely! AstroPay cards are extremely secure and use the latest security measures to protect your personal information. All transactions are encrypted using industry-standard SSL encryption, so your financial information is safe.

Yes, on ReloadNow we offer a cryptocurrency payment method at checkout. You can select it and buy an AstroPay card using Bitcoin, Ethereum, or another Cryptocurrency. It functions similarly to traditional credit and debit cards.

If you do not receive your code within minutes of completing your payment at ReloadNow, please contact our customer service team for assistance.

AstroPay codes purchased from ReloadNow are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Please note that AstroPay vouchers can only be used once, so make sure you use them before the expiry date. After that, you will need to buy a new AstroPay card to continue using this payment method. 

Make sure to spend all your money on your AstroPay Voucher if you leave any remaining balance it will expire after 12 months.

You can use your AstroPay Cards to make secure online payments on any website that accept AstroPay as a payment method. This includes e-commerce shops, gaming sites, digital content providers, entertainment sites, and more! Visit AstroPay for more information on where it can be used.

Here are simple instructions to follow:

  1. Go to the website where you want to make your purchase and add items to your cart.

  2. When checking out check if the website accepts AstroPay, and if they do select "AstroPay Voucher" as the payment method.

  3. Enter the 16-digit card code, security code, and expiry date of the AstroPay voucher. Make sure the expiry date is in MM/YYYY format.

  4. Confirm that all information is correct and proceed to checkout.

  5. Enjoy your purchase - you have successfully used an AstroPay voucher!

If you have any questions about your AstroPay card or the payment process, feel free to contact their customer service team.

No, The AstroPay voucher you buy from is a virtual debit card. You buy it with your credit and debit cards or other payment solutions available on our website. The money will then be available on your AstroPay Voucher. Keep in mind that AstroPay cards have an expiration date. You can use your AstroPay vouchers to purchase online on various international sites for consumers if the AstroPay payment solution is accepted.

No, the AstroPay voucher is a prepaid virtual card, and you cannot withdraw money to your bank account.