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Foire aux questions

Welcome to ReloadNow.com's FAQ section.

Here you will find the most frequent questions that are being asked. Click on a question to see our answer.


On ReloadNow, you can easily buy any type of prepaid goods. Whether you are looking to buy some calling credit, some data or air time, a gift cardgame cards or even prepaid payment cards, you can simply follow these steps to receive your product in your emails:

  • Select the product and the value that you would like to receive

  • Enter the email address, you would like to get the code delivered to and add a phone number, if you wish to also receive your code by what's app or SMS 

  • Select the payment method you wish to use

  • Pay your order

All done, once your payment has been processed, the code will be automatically be sent to the email you indicated and by text or WhatsApp if you add a phone number.

On ReloadNow, you can pay with the payment methods you are most used to. Among others, you can pay with PayPal, MasterCard, Visa and even some cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin if you like.

Once your payment has been processed, you will immediately receive your code by email. Be aware, that some payment methods may take longer to be processed, which means that your code might arrive slightly later as well. 

For the moment, only our registered customers can receive an invoice. 

Are you a registered customer? Then you can download your invoice through your account. Simply log into your account, with the email address you placed the order with. Click on the account button at the top of the page, and go to your order history. 

There, the PDF symbol next to each order will allow you to download your invoice. 

If you have ordered anonymously, it’s unfortunately not possible to download an invoice at the moment. But feel free to reach out to our team, they might be able to help you out! 

We are sorry to hear that you’re having issues with your payment, it happens. 

All transactions are handled and controlled by our payment providers. Because the security of our payment traffic is our priority, it can happen that your payment gets rejected by our services. 

The reason for this blockage is also not always visible to our support team. In some cases, the issue is caused by blockage on your payment method. In that case, we advise you to use another payment method or to try again after eight days. Be aware that the blockage duration period might be extended through repeated payment attempts.

Click here and type in your bank or payment method for an overview of the current network errors.

Product Delivery

You can purchase a prepaid product, or top-up your phone via ReloadNow.com

Simply choose the product and the amount you would like to load to your account. This can be any value from €10, depending on the product. Proceed to the payment with the payment method of your choice, and we will deliver you your code by email and by SMS or WhatsApp if you chose one of these options.

Once redeemed, the value of the product will be credited to your account within a few seconds. Click here for the top-up instructions by product

We’re sorry to hear that your code is not working. 

We are official resellers of all the brands we sell, therefore, all our codes are unused and provided by the brands themselves. It however can happen that a code doesn’t redeem for one of the following reasons:


  • The code has been entered incorrectly, in that case, please try again.

  • The redeeming platform or the call-in number (for mobile top-up) is temporarily out of order. In that case, we suggest that you try again later, as it can take a few hours for the problem to get solved.

  • The code that was purchased is not used with the right provider. Please verify that you are using a SIM card from the same provider as the code you purchased. If that is not the case, the code will not be redeemable 

ℹ️ If you ordered a new mobile top-up, you will only be able to activate your new top-up once your running bundle is expired.

If you still encounter problems redeeming the code after checking the above, we advise that you contact the customer service of your provider directly. They will be able to verify with you where the problem is and what is going on with the code you are trying to redeem.

All the information to help you redeem your code can be found either in our email, on our dedicated top-up instruction page, or on the brand page of that product you ordered. If you are unable to exchange your code, please contact us via our contact form.

If you chose to have a direct Top-up for your mobile, the code will be redeemed automatically on the phone number you indicated after your purchase has been completed. Of course, we will make sure to send you a confirmation per e-mail to confirm your top-up.

If for some reason a technical malfunction happens or if you entered the phone number incorrectly and that we were therefore not able to deliver your refill, we will automatically refund you the amount. Feel free to contact us by yourself if you notice the mistake before our team. However, note that, if the incorrect phone number that you entered happens to be registered as an existing prepaid number at your provider, we will not be able to refund you if the reload was successfully. Indeed, in that case your order will be considered as successful, so be extra careful when entering your mobile number! 

Attention! If you have not received your prepaid credit, please do not re-order immediately, as you will be charged for a new top-up. Instead, contact our support team through the contact form. Beware that It is not possible to return already delivered calling credit.

Codes & reloads 

Once ordered, you will receive your code by e-mail as soon as the payment has been processed. It will usually take a couple of seconds to arrive in your mailbox, SMS or WhatsApp, but could take up to a few minutes depending on the payment method you chose. 

Still no code? Sometimes our e-mails can end up in your spam, so remember to have a look at your junk folder.

You ordered a prepaid product on our site, but did not receive your code? We are truly sorry to hear that! Here are a few reasons why this might have happened:

  • Our email address was marked as spam and our code ended up in your junk folder. 

Simply double-check to see if our email is not hiding there. Next time, you can also select SMS or Whats App to receive your code on there. 

  • The payment method you chose to use takes longer to be processed.

This happens, depending on the payment method, the processing time can take up to 30 minutes.

  • The e-mail address or phone number entered during the order process was miss-typed or wrong.

In any case, please do not order again, as we will be delivering you another code, and you will be charged again. Instead, wait a few extra minutes. If you still cannot find your voucher code, please contact us using the contact form and indicate, if possible, the details of your transaction.

Sometimes our products are temporarily out of stock. We are working very hard to ensure a quick restock, so just keep an eye open until then. 

Is the product you are looking for not on our site? Send us a message via our contact form, we will see if we can add it to our portfolio.

Other questions

Of course! That is one of the greatest advantages of buying, your gift cardgame card, payment card or top-up online. 

Just proceed the exact same way as you would normally, all you need is an internet connection and a payment method. Once processed, we will send you your code per e-mail, SMS or Whats app as usual. 

In some cases, and especially for a mobile top-up, redeeming your code might be slightly different. So make sure to have a quick look at foreign instructions on your provider's website.

Absolutely, you can buy a digital voucher for anyone you like. 

We always send the voucher via email, so you have two options available: 

  • Either put your email address for the delivery and share it with the person you would like to share it by yourself

  • Or put their email address instead of yours as the delivery email

If you are ordering a mobile top-up, please make sure you order a code for the right provider, otherwise they won't be able to use it. If you want to buy a direct top-up, you also need to make sure that you enter the phone number of the person you are trying to top up for and not your own.

That is unfortunate! As you probably know, prepaid codes and digital vouchers are unique codes that can only be used once. Once they have been sent, a code can not be returned, as it is not possible to check whether the code has already been used or if it is going to be used in the future. For this reason, codes are not refundable nor exchangeable by our services. 

We understand that this is not ideal, but this issue is out of our scope. Our advice would be to try and resell the code by yourself or to exchange it with someone you know.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to refund a code that has already been sent. As you probably know, prepaid codes and digital vouchers are unique codes that can only be used once. Once sent, it is impossible for our services to check whether a code has already been used or will be used in the future. Hence, to ensure the validity of our codes, we only provide new and unique digital codes and are therefore unable to exchange or refund a code once issued, digital codes are therefore not refundable, and can only be issued once for this reason. 

We understand that this is not ideal, but this issue is out of our scope. Our advice would be to try and resell the code by yourself or to exchange it with someone you know.

Your balance can be checked with the redeeming brand directly. Each provider has its own instructions for prepaid credit. Click here for the instructions for each provider.

We are sorry to hear that you can not find the answer to your question. To help you further, you can contact our customer service by filling in our contact form.

You can find our form here or in the support section of our website. 

Follow this link to find all the top-up instructions