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ReloadNow helps you get the most out of your smartphones and tablets. How? With a wide range of digital vouchers to use when paying for your Google Play programs and subscriptions. Place your order, receive your Google Play recharge instantly, and get ready to discover the best Android apps of the moment!

A Google Play card is simply a dematerialised gift card that allows you to make purchases in the Google Play Store. It is a capped top-up, which is added to your existing balance on your Google Play account. This clever system will help you manage your budget and make your transactions smoother. Moreover, if you have children, the Google Play card is an excellent tool to empower them about their use of money on the web.

You can use your Google Play Code to buy anything from the Google Play Store! You may need to install the Google Play app first. Simply search for "Google Play Store" in your browser and follow the instructions. Once you have activated the Store app :

  • Browse through the store or find what you are looking for with the search bar,

  • Place the desired app or multimedia content in your shopping cart,

  • In the "Payments and subscriptions" tab of your customer account, click on "Use an e-card",

  • and enter your Google Play code in the dedicated space.

Alternatively, when you check out, you can enter your one-time code by following the instructions on the screen.

Did you know? Google Play cards can also be used on other Google interfaces, such as YouTube. This way, you can manage your premium YouTube subscription without stress using a Google Play gift card. 

The Google Play Store is an essential platform for all users of Android phones and tablets. This e-shop offers a variety of programs that can be either :

  • completely free,

  • paid for upfront and then run without a subscription,

  • free to download, but with a paid subscription,

  • or paid from the start, with an additional membership fee.

A Google Play top-up can be used to pay for the purchase of a programme as well as for a subscription to its features. Besides, unlike most people think, the Google Play Store doesn't only sell apps. You can also find music, full albums, books and movies. Once you have purchased your Google Play card, you can explore the many sections of the Google Plays Store to discover the variety of its offers.

Modern and clever, digital gift cards are in vogue! They allow you to surprise a Tech enthusiast without paying shipping costs, as your gift is 100% digital. If you're looking for an idea to please a loved one, choose the Google Play gift card available on ReloadNow. It comes in the form of a virtual voucher that you can freely use in the Android app store. All you have to do is select the amount of the Google Play card you wish to buy, and we'll take care of the rest! 

Your friend, partner, colleague or relative will receive the gift in his or her mailbox. Once they have clicked on "Use gift", they will be able to decide what to use it for, i.e. to pay for applications, subscriptions or multimedia content.

You just got a Google Play card, but you are not too sure how to use it? Well, believe it or not, activating a Google Play code couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is follow these very simple steps: 

  1. Use the dedicated Google Play redeem link and wait for the pop-up window to appear 

  2. Once you see it, check the email address in the top right corner to make sure you redeem it on the desired account. (If it is not the case, click on cancel, then click on your photo in the top right corner and select the desired account from there. Then click on Use a code on the left side menu to make the pop-up appear again.)

  3. Enter your Google Play gift code in the dedicated space and press redeem 

All done! You are ready to enjoy your credit 

Can't find your ReloadNow code in your mailbox? Don't forget to check your spam!