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Are you looking for an easy way to call, text and surf the web without having to make a commitment? Would you like to spend less on your phone calls? It's time to try a prepaid phone plan and to order a Lebara refill. Here are the many advantages of this innovative service.

ReloadNow.com is your number one website to order your Lebara refill. The process is quick and easy.

Choose your refill according to your needs and budget, then let yourself be guided to complete the payment of your recharge. Once the payment is made, you can use your Lebara refill immediately! All of this without having to change your number, provide a bank account number or sign a contract.

Thanks to Lebara, you can call more than 43 destinations around the world including Canada, the US, Romania, Mayotte and India. The formulas are valid for both mobile and landline calls, in a limited or unlimited way, depending on what refill you choose.

From France, you will be able to make calls and send SMS without limit, except if you choose to go for one of the cheaper Lebara packages. But don't worry! At any time, you can check your real-time usage on the Lebara website thanks to your "My Lebara" space to avoid running out of credit.

Lebara is a cell phone company specialized in prepaid SIM cards. What is the advantage of this type of card? With it, you are free to decide which reload package you want to use and for how long. You don't have to make recurring monthly payments. On the contrary, you pay your consumption in advance, and you order your refills at your own pace.

The concept of the Lebara refill is adapted to your needs and allows you to control your budget efficiently. It is an excellent solution to avoid unpleasant surprises caused by credit overruns!

Additionally, the Lebara prepaid SIM card is ideal if you want to enjoy your phone without registering a bank account or credit card with a provider.

Lebara's no strings attached plans include a wide range of products.

For example, the monthly bundle ranges from €2 for 2 hours of calls to €24.99 for 200 GB of internet with unlimited calls + SMS.

As for the 4G+ internet pass, it is available from €4.99 per month with 1GB of data. If you want to benefit from a large volume of data, you should know that Lebara offers significant discounts starting at 10 GB per month.

Even though Lebara's internet + phone plans are cheap, they offer an excellent network quality throughout the day. Indeed, the company uses the Orange network! That network covers 99% of France, offering you optimal coverage in the city and in rural areas.

Do you want to activate your Lebara top-up? It couldn't be easier, just choose one of the following options and follow the few steps: 

  • Activate your top-up by calling Lebara on 2323

Call 2323 from your mobile and follow the instructions. Select the first option in the menu by typing 1, and then enter your Lebara top-up code.

  • Activate your Lycamobile top-up by dialling *133*

Dial *133* on your mobile followed by your top-up code finished with the # symbol and then press the call key.

Here is an example to guide you: if your reload code is 123456789, dial *133*123456789# then validate by pressing the call key.

  • From abroad, activate your top-up by calling Lycamobile at +331 72 28 23 23

Call +331 72 28 23 23 from your mobile and follow the instructions. The service will ask you for the Lebara top-up code that we sent you by e-mail after your purchase. So remember to keep it close by.

  • From your Lebara account 

You prefer to activate your Lebara prepaid top-up from the web. Then log in to your MyLebara account or go to your MyLebara mobile app for iOS or Android.

Can't find your top-up code in your mailbox? Don't forget to check your spam!