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Lebara classic top-up

Lebara recharge classique 10 €

Buy credit for your Lebara SIM card:

Call, text and surf the internet as you please
A quick top-up, with no commitment and tailored to your needs.


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Introducing the Lebara Classic Top-Up €10 – your passport to seamless mobile connectivity and budget-friendly communication. Whether you're a traveller looking for an affordable way to stay connected or a savvy budgeter wanting control over your mobile expenses, this top-up card has you covered.

Why choose Lebara Classic?

  • Instant Credit: Recharge your Lebara mobile account with €10 instantly. No need to visit a store or wait for a physical card. Stay connected on your terms.
  • Nationwide Coverage: Lebara utilises a robust network that covers the entire nation, ensuring you're connected wherever you go. Whether it's voice calls, text messages, or mobile data, Lebara has you covered.
  • Affordable International Calls: Stay in touch with friends and family abroad without breaking the bank. Lebara offers competitive international call rates, so you can chat for longer.
  • Flexibility: The Lebara Classic Top-Up €10 is versatile. It's not just for personal use; you can gift it to a loved one, making it a thoughtful and practical present.
  • Easy Redemption: Redeeming your top-up is a breeze. Simply enter the code on your Lebara SIM card, and your account will be credited instantly.


The Lebara Classic Top-Up €10 is compatible with all Lebara mobile plans and SIM cards. It can be used on various mobile devices, including smartphones and feature phones. Whether you're an existing Lebara customer or considering making the switch, this top-up card is the ideal way to manage your mobile expenses and enjoy reliable communication.

Experience the freedom of prepaid mobile services – get your Lebara top-up today!