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Neosurf Junior

Since its arrival in France, Neosurf is THE payment solution that is hot on the web. It owes its success to its innovative, fun and, above all, extremely practical aspect. But what is a Neosurf top-up? What are the strengths of this method compared to other alternatives? How do you buy a Neosurf ticket online and on which websites can you use it? We will explain everything you need to know.

Far from being new in the world of online payment, the Neosurf ticket has been around since 2004! It relies on a system that has been tested over the years and is particularly reliable in terms of security. Its goal? To allow you to pay for products and services on the Internet in complete anonymity while keeping your personal data confidential at all times. The concept has won over entrepreneurs and consumers around the world, with today several thousand e-shops currently accepting payment with Neosurf cards.

Compared to other dematerialised payment tools, Neosurf stands out for its extreme reliability. With this solution, the emphasis is placed on the confidentiality of the payer and his or her personal information, both in terms of identity and bank details, as well as the maximum security of each transaction.

It is also a practical concept for all Internet users who wish to make purchases without any commitment on a multitude of platforms.

The list of sites where you can pay with a Neosurf payment card is very long. It includes merchants such as :

  • online video game platforms like League of Legends, Farmerama or Swords of Chaos,

  • leading sports betting sites such as Net Bet, horse betting sites such as PMU.fr or poker sites such as Poker Stars,

  • gift card merchants,

  • financial services dedicated to trading, money transfers or the sale of prepaid cards,

  • and finally, some peer-to-peer marketplaces.

To use a Neosurf coupon on the web, simply select "Neosurf" at the checkout. Then, let yourself guide through the process, enter your PIN code and enjoy the pleasure of paying for your purchases in complete anonymity.

There are two ways to get Neosurf coupons:

  • From a physical distributor such as a tobacconist, a supermarket or a cybercafé,

  • and directly on the web, for example on the ReloadNow website.

Buying your Neosurf tickets online is much easier and faster than looking for a local retailer. With ReloadNow, it only takes you a few seconds to complete the transaction and get your Neosurf coupon in your email.

Choose freedom, flexibility and mobility: through our e-shop, you can buy Neosurf coupons from anywhere on your smartphone, tablet or computer! 

Would you like to know more about our Neosurf tickets? You would like to know all our prices and the terms of purchase for this type of product? Just explore our section entirely dedicated to Neosurf, this innovative payment method. We offer small amounts perfect for a first purchase with Neosurf, as well as high-value cards suitable for larger transactions.

Using a Neosurf card is as easy as one two three. All you need to do is:

  1. Head to any website that accepts Neosurf as a payment method

  2. Fill up your basket with your favourite items and go to checkout

  3. Select Neosurf as your payment method 

  4. Follow the steps and enter your Neosurf pay code where indicated 

Tadam you are all set, how easy was that! 

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