PCS Mastercard


Enjoy all the advantages of a bank card without being tied to a bank with the PCS MasterCard! A true payment card, which is both prepaid and reloadable. The PCS card is valid throughout the entire MasterCard payment network. 

With many advantages, the PCS card has nothing to envy to a classic credit card and allows you to make all your purchases and withdrawals independently, and in an ultra-secure way.

The PCS MasterCard has plenty of special surprises up its sleeve. Among them, let yourself be surprised by the ease with which you will reload your online payment card! All you need is a PCS ticket or PCS coupon that you can find directly on ReloadNow.

After buying your PCS voucher, simply go to your My PCS account and redeem it. To validate your reload, you just have to send a code by text message, which appears on the PCS ticket. In no time, your card is ready for use again.

Activating your PCS Virtual Card is a piece of cake. Here are 2 methods you can use to activate your PCS voucher:

  • Via SMS, just send the letters "PIN" followed by the last eight digits of your card, received in our email, to 06 01 78 78 78
  • Use the MyPCS mobile app and go to the "My Account" section 

Activation is a snap and very straightforward!

Need more info? Go to the PCS website, under the My Account section, and select your card type to find all the activation information.

Paying with a PCS MasterCard is very simple. Powered by the MasterCard technology, you can pay online just the way you would with any other MasterCard card. You can also link it to your smartphone to use the contactless payment feature. As the card is reloadable and not linked to a bank account, you do not risk any overdraft. Moreover, you can use your balance in one or several times if you wish. Once the balance is used up, just credit your PCS Card again to keep it working. How easy is that

If you're still on the fence about this ingenious digital payment method, here are just a few of the benefits you'll enjoy with the PCS MasterCard. First of all, the PCS is not linked to any bank account, which means that there is no commitment whatsoever, and you are not subject to any bank fees! 

Secondly, the PCS card is available to everyone and there are no income requirements, which means that you will not be asked for any proof of income to use the PCS Card. All you need is your ID to create a PCS account: the only interface to manage your finances. The PCS is a secure solution that protects all your payments. 

In addition, with this smart card, you can't go overdrawn because only the balance on the card can be spent! Finally, you can check your balance at any time with the My PCS app, which can be downloaded to your smartphone in a flash.

Do you have a question? Need some help to activate or buy your first card? 

Go to your "my account" area on mypsc.com, or contact the PCS teams:

  • By phone Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, at 0 811 880 200*
  • By e-mail using the PCS contact form. The PCS advisors will answer you as soon as possible! 

*(0,05€ / min + coût éventuel d’une communication nationale)

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