Are you addicted to Roblox? Do you want to be one of the most popular players in the community? Here's a tip: invest in Robux and spend them as wisely as possible. Here are all our tips on how to buy Robux and Roblox gift cards easily.

Much more than a simple game, Roblox has become a true social phenomenon since 2004. This free-to-play sandbox platform already has hundreds of millions of followers from all 5 continents! Some of them connect to the MMOG every day and contribute to the liveliness of the community. That's why ReloadNow dedicates a part of its catalogue to Roblox gift cards and Robux codes. Our goal is to help you:

  • Make the most of your Roblox experience,

  • interact with other video game enthusiasts,

  • develop your creativity,

and most importantly, have as much fun as possible!

Like any parallel world worthy of the name, Roblox has its own currency: the Robux. With it, players are able to embellish their avatar, create fan groups, advertise their creations and test those of other Robloxians. There are several ways to grow a Robux portfolio. You can:

  • Create a popular game,

  • Subscribe to a Roblox Premium membership and get a small supply of free Robux,

  • and, of course, ReloadNow, the Robux trading specialist.

With ReloadNow, you can stock up on as many Robux as you like. This is very useful if you:

  • are short of currency,

  • are just starting to create games on Roblox,

  • or find that your levels are not as successful as you would like them to be with other players.

Don't panic! Buying your Robux on our site is easy and only takes a few seconds. All you have to do is convert euros into Robux. As soon as your payment is validated, you will receive your Robux that you can spend as you wish. Not a ReloadNow customer yet? Don't hesitate: check out our entire range of cards, fill up on Robux and enjoy your favourite platform without restriction!

The Robux gift card is THE solution to:

  • make your child responsible for using a virtual amount of money with a predefined limit,

  • or enchant any Robloxian, whatever their age.

This product comes in the form of an encrypted coupon, to be purchased on the ReloadNow website. When you order a gift card on our site, your Robux code is delivered to you upon receipt of your payment and can be used immediately within Roblox. 

As the only valid currency unit in this universe, Robux allows you to perform all the transactions essential to a good gaming experience. It is valid on Android as well as on macOS, iOS, Xbox One, Windows, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. 

Say goodbye to surprises that disappoint the recipient: hit the bull's eye with the Robux gift card, which can be purchased right now in our dedicated store.

Hello fellow Robloxian, you’ve got some Robux on a gift card waiting for you and you are not sure how to put them on your account? Well, you are at the right place! We are here to help and will lead you to the steps to redeem your Robux. No need to worry, you’ll see it's super easy, just follow these few steps from your browser: 

  1. Head to the Roblox redemption website and connect to your account

  2. Enter the PIN code from your Gift Card in the dedicated space

  3. And click on Redeem to confirm

All done, you are all set! Your Robux have been added to your account and a success message should appear on your screen. 

Unfortunately, you can’t redeem your Roblox game card from the Roblox app. You will need to do it from your browser. If you need some extra help redeeming your Roblox gift card, check out the dedicated Roblox help page. 

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