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Steam Cards

Steam gift cards are the new hot discovery for video game enthusiasts. No wonder, because with the Steam card you can use your credit on a very wide range of games. Go to ReloadNow.com, and choose the Steam gift card value that suits you best amongst €20, €50 or €100. The perfect card for you, but above all an original gift that will please all those who love video games.

Steam is a relatively new platform that offers many possibilities to gamers. The main feature of Steam is its wide range of PC games available through the platform. These games range from the most classic ones, to the latest releases. In short, a real Valhalla for all those who love to play PC games. 

Steam offers a wide selection of over 30,000 different games. Besides buying PC games, Steam is also a platform where gamers can meet and chat. On Steam, you will find a whole community of enthusiasts, gathered around the different games. So it's easy to get in touch with someone who likes to play the same games as you. 

The platform is also perfect for keeping up with the latest developments in PC games. You'll be one of the first to know when a new game is released and what's in it.

Looking for a cool and original gift for someone who loves PC games? The Steam gift card is the perfect gift. By offering a Steam card, the receiver is free to choose how to spend the credit available on the card. 

No need to think ahead about which game they'd rather play. Instead, you're giving them a choice of over 30,000 games! The Steam gift card is guaranteed to be a hit.

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Both purchasing the Steam card and redeeming it is super easy and fast. Go to ReloadNow.com, select the Steam gift card of the desired value, place it in your shopping cart, enter your contact information to receive the card and proceed to payment. You will receive your Steam gift card in your mailbox within minutes. 

With the Steam gift card code, you can add credit to your Steam account. This Steam credit can then be used to buy all your favourite games.

Reload your Steam account in three easy steps:

  1. Log in to your Steam account using this link
  2. Enter your pin code  
  3. Click on continue

All set! Note that you may be asked to enter your address for the conversion of your gift card value to your local currency.

Can't find your ReloadNow code in your mailbox? Don't forget to check your spam!