The Transcash card is a prepaid payment method that works very simply and can be used by everyone, from 13 years old. The Transcash card is multifunctional and adapts to all your needs. Order your Transcash top-up now  to keep using your card for all your online purchases, to learn how to manage your pocket money or even transfer money easily.

Use the Transcash e-code to reload your Transcash card in just a few seconds. Reload the amount of your choice and use it again.

Step into a world of freedom with Transcash prepaid payment method.  From withdrawals to online payments and money transfers in France or elsewhere, the Transcash card has nothing to envy a traditional payment method. And especially to a classic credit card! The main difference is that a Transcash card is not linked to any bank account, freeing you from any commitment! Say goodbye to annual bank fees and overdraft charges!

Transcash offers you three formulas: 

  • the Access Formula, with basic actions, 

  • the Essential Formula with a higher cap 

  • and the Max Formula, for even more extensive use.

After activating your card, you can use it in the same way as a regular bank card and pay at online shops.

If you're wondering how to pay online with a Transcash card, just know that it's very simple and that everyone can do it! When making your online purchase, go ahead and enter your Transcash card's identification numbers at checkout. And voilà! 

You can use the balance of your prepaid card in one or more transactions. Once the balance is used up, you just have to recharge it by buying a new Transcash recharge online at

Select the top-up amount that suits your needs from the Transcash €20, the €50 top-up, or the €100 top-up. Validate your cart, and we will send you your Transcash reload code directly to the email address you indicated.

The next step? Activate your Transcash code and spend your money the way you want to!

The Transcash card is full of advantages. First of all, it is not attached to any bank account. This avoids high bank fees, but also overdraft. You can spend only the balance of your card, not a dime more unless you reload it of course.

Transcash cards are also nominative, making them ideal for secure online payments and reservations. As for the Red Transcash payment cards, they are a great asset to help your children manage their pocket money from ages 13 and up. They are attached to the black card of the pack and allow you to easily share money with family members.

Finally, the reloaded balance is accessible in less than a minute, a record time to have your money at your disposal in all circumstances.

To buy a Transcash voucher online or to buy a Transcash recharge online, nothing could be easier! From the ReloadNow website, choose the amount of recharge you need, click and enjoy!

Activating your Transcash reload coupon is a breeze. To do so, you just have to follow these few steps:

  1. Log in to your Transcash account

  2. Go to the "Reload" section

  3. Enter your Transcash code in the dedicated space. Your Transcash reload code can be found in the email we sent you following your order.

Congrats, your prepaid Transcash MasterCard has been reloaded!

Can't find your reload code in your mailbox? Don't forget to check your spam!

Please note that the Transcash coupons we offer are reloads! The code received must be activated via the Transcash services before it can be used for payments.