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XBOX Game Pass Core 6 mois

3m | €19.99
6m | €29.99
12m | €59.99

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Double your gaming fun with the Xbox Game Pass Core 6 Months!

With the Xbox Game Pass Core 6 Months, you have a longer period to enjoy an extensive library of games. This means more time for you to discover, play, and relive your favourite games. Perfect for gamers who like to delve into extended game worlds or experience a wide range of games.

Benefits of a Longer 6 Months Subscription

  • Longer access, more peace of mind: Enjoy an uninterrupted gaming experience without worrying about monthly renewals.
  • Cost-effective: The Xbox Game Pass Core 6 Months offers a more attractive rate compared to shorter subscription options.
  • Always up to date: Stay on top of the latest games and updates at no extra cost.
  • Ideal for serious gamers: This subscription is ideally suited to those who take gaming seriously and want to invest in a long-term experience.

Always Something New to Play

With the Xbox game pass core 6 months, you will have access to a continuously updated game library; there is always something new to discover. From the latest releases to hidden gems, Xbox Game Pass Core 6 Months keeps your gaming experience fresh and exciting.

Xbox Game Pass Core 6 Months: Perfect for All Consoles

Whether you play on an Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One or even an Xbox 360, the Xbox Game Pass Core 6 Months is designed to integrate seamlessly with your favourite console. Enjoy an optimised gaming experience regardless of platform.

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All types of prepaid codes can be redeemed on a computer, including Xbox gift cards, Xbox Live Gold cards and Xbox Music Pass cards. They can be used directly on your account. Read how it works here:  

1. Go to www.xbox.com
2. Login with your account
3. Hover over your account details (top right of the screen)
4. Click on redeem when the menu appears
5. Enter your 25-digit code in the field and click confirm