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Mobile top-ups

Top-up your prepaid phone online in seconds

Did you use up all the prepaid call credit? Don't panic! You can get a mobile top-up immediately and continue to make your calls. Recharge your phone credit online in just a few seconds on ReloadNow. 

Thanks to online prepaid refills, you can now reach your loved ones at all times. Choose the refill that suits you based on your SIM Provider and call back your friend in a flash! Thanks to this quick and convenient solution, your smartphone will never be cut off from the world for long.

If your prepaid phone plan credit is used up, you can now top it up very easily. The biggest advantage of prepaid mobile top-ups is that they allow you to control your budget and your consumption according to your wishes.

All you have to do is buy a mobile top-up online, from France or abroad. This way, you can stay in touch with your family and friends wherever you are. 

A prepaid SIM card provides you with a lot of advantages, such as its functionality. Recharging your prepaid SIM card is very simple. You just have to choose the amount of credit you want, activate it and your cell phone becomes operational in a handful of seconds. Prepaid SIM cards allow you to make voice calls, send texts as well as to obtain additional mobile internet data.

To top up your prepaid mobile plan, there is no need to go to a store. Recharging your SIM card can be done online in a very short time and allows you to stay comfortably at home. Place your order and receive the chosen reload code in your mailbox. 

Once the code is activated, your new prepaid phone credit is ready to go. This allows you to top up your phone credit at any time of the day or night.

You can also choose to buy a bundle or an unlimited refill pack. This can be used for phone calls, sending text messages, as well as for using mobile data. 

Discover the bundles and unlimited top-ups from your favourite providers :

Choose the top-up that suits you best according to your specific needs. And, the best part is that you have no commitment with any mobile carrier.

In most cases, mobile top-ups also allow you to access the internet. But if you need more data to follow your favourite soccer team's game or watch your favourite show from your smartphone, you can select an internet top-up. Take a look at the Lycamobile internet refills, the Orange Mobicarte internet top-up or the SFR internet reload

These are high-speed prepaid data packages that allow you to surf the web, more freely, within the limit of the refill. These reload SFR internet, internet Orange or Lycamobile can hold 1 to tens of Go. So don't hesitate and renew them at your convenience to never be offline again!

The same goes for international mobile top-ups. Whether you are calling abroad from France or from any other country in the world, it is possible to stay in touch and to share your news. International top-ups can be ordered online following the same procedure as for SFR internet top-ups, Orange classic top-ups or Lycamobile prepaid credit.

With digital mobile reloads, you have access to immediate credit wherever you are. Stop limiting your calls for fear of not being able to call anymore. ReloadNow is available 24/7, from your home in France or abroad and in full security.