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Gift cards

Treat your love ones with a present they will truly enjoy

Are you looking for a surprise that will be a guaranteed hit? Opt for an online gift card and never miss another opportunity to delight your loved ones. Select your cards in the ReloadNow e-shop, and have them delivered to your mailbox or sent directly to the person you wish to send them to. Great effect guaranteed!

If you want to please a loved one, choose the Just Eat gift card. The concept is simple: you select the value of your gift card, and the recipient of the gift will be given a code to redeem on the Just Eat website or app for their order. They simply select their favourite restaurant and meal, and can enjoy a great meal whilst thinking of you!

Besides the Just Eat vouchers, iTunes and Google Play you will find in our "Gift Cards" section a lot of gift cards to choose from. We have something for every taste, every desire and every occasion. Our pre-paid cards will accompany you on all the important occasions of the year and allow you to wish your loved ones:

  • A wonderful birthday party,

  • An unforgettable Valentine's Day or anniversary

  • A Happy Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandmother's Day or Grandfather's Day.

  • Not forgetting Christmas, New Year's greetings and of course baptisms!

One of the advantages of the online gift card is its flexibility. Indeed, when you buy this type of product, you only have two criteria to select from:

  • the amount of the gift card, which can range from a few euros to several dozen euros

  • and the website on which it will be used.

Then, it is up to the recipient of the gift card to decide which products, experiences, services and content they wish to purchase with their card. This makes it ideal if you like personalised gifts, with guaranteed success! 

Thanks to ReloadNow gift cards selection, you can make your loved ones happy while giving them a lot of freedom in choosing a gift they will truly enjoy.

Some celebrations require us to buy a shared gift, and sometimes even with a substantial value. This is namely the case for :

  • retirement parties,

  • bachelor or bachelorette parties,

  • wedding anniversaries,

  • baby showers,

And so many more! There are countless events that lend themselves to the arrangement of a joint surprise. For all these occasions, buying a gift card online is a smart and original solution. 

For example, when you give a Just Eat gift card to a young retiree, you give them the opportunity to celebrate their new life with their family over a delicious meal. More than just a gift, the gift card is the perfect way to offer great experiences to those around you.

Are you a fan of ReloadNow? Don't forget to add our gift card shop to your favourites list: we are always on the lookout for the best of the web for our beloved ReloadNow community, and we are constantly enriching our catalogue with new products. 

Our mission is to offer you a wide range of gift cards, covering a multitude of areas such as entertainment, multimedia content and lifestyle. If you are looking for a specific gift card, but it is not yet in our shop, please let us know, we will gladly add it to our portfolio for you. 

Visit our site regularly and be the first to benefit from all our special offers!