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Game cards

Never run out of gaming credit with ReloadNow

Looking for a quick and easy way to buy your video games online? Discover ReloadNow, the reference site for prepaid game cards and in-game credits. Our concept is simple: browse our catalogue, select the amount of credit reload you need, receive your one-time code by email and use it on your favourite platform. Thanks to our intuitive and fully secure interface, a few seconds are enough to ensure hours of fun gaming!

We offer you a wide range of digital game cards that can be accessed from your handheld or home console, for example, your :

Not forgetting your smartphone and tablet games, available :

Through our site, you can also instantly receive subscriptions as the PlayStation Plus service, as well as prepaid cards for use in virtual worlds like the Roblox universe.

In short, whatever platform you prefer, our portfolio has something to satisfy all your gaming desires!

The advantages of prepaid cards and in-game credits are numerous. Thanks to these, you can both :

  • play or replay your favourite video games freely,

  • try out game extensions or games available exclusively online, i.e. not available in boxed form,

  • access a multitude of multimedia content such as TV series, films, applications and music from the Xbox Store,

  • and also test the latest video games in complete freedom.

Whether you're a casual gamer or an advanced gamer, buying your games online allows you to make great discoveries and get the most out of your console. Finally, it's an unbeatable way to save money, especially during sales and promotions!

Want to please a video game fan? Our prepaid cards are the ideal gift for all gamers, whether they are beginners or experts. They also make it possible to give a child a sum of money without entrusting them with the codes of a bank card. In our online shop, you will find a range of reloads at various prices, from a few euros to several dozen of euros. The lower-priced cards are perfect for unlocking :

  • a level,

  • a new game zone,

  • or an accessory for a character.

The more expensive ones are suitable for :

  • downloading an expansion

  • buying a complete game

  • and pre-ordering a title still in development.

These game cards can be used in the virtual shops of consoles such as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5.

When it comes to security, your dematerialised game purchases require the utmost vigilance. ReloadNow guarantees the safety of your payments thanks to a 100% reliable purchase interface. The process is particularly easy and intuitive:

  • Find your products in our online shop,

  • Place them in your shopping cart,

  • Complete your order and pay for your purchases,

  • You will receive your one-time code in a flash,

Here you go, all you need to do is head to one of our partners to treat yourself to the games of your dreams!