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Prepaid payment cards

Did you know that nowadays, making a payment by card without even having a bank account was possible?!

Paying by card without even having a bank account is nowadays possible! Yes, prepaid payment cards are a real revolution in the world of financial and digital products. Find out everything there is to know about this payment method that you won't want to miss out on anymore!

A prepaid payment card is a pre-credited payment method that allows you to make an online payment, but also in some cases to withdraw cash. Often powered by the MasterCard network, or following local rules, the prepaid card allows you to shop in France and abroad. 

Various types of cards are also available to customers, including:

The Paysafecard, for example, can only be used in the country where it is purchased and in participating stores. While Transcash cards can be used globally on the MasterCard payment network. 

To make them work, you must first credit them with money of the amount of your choice. This way, you can never spend more than the amount that has been loaded onto the card. This is ideal for people who are afraid of easy spending and overdraft!

Buying a prepaid payment card and finally seeing your spending in a different light couldn't be easier! Just select the virtual payment card and value that suits you best and place your order directly on ReloadNow

We offer different packages that can be adapted to all needs, budgets and uses. Just give us your email address so that we can deliver your digital payment card and top up the amount of your choice. That's it, it's done!

If you would also like to receive your e-payment card via SMS or WhatsApp, simply enter your mobile number where indicated. This way you can enjoy all your card even faster!

Prepaid e-cards are very convenient and can be used by everyone, even the most junior of us! First, you should know that online payment cards are reloadable, which allows you to manage your expenses perfectly, with a balance that can be used over one or multiple times until used up. 

To make an online purchase, simply enter the code of your e-Card where indicated. To make a purchase in a store, use a contactless or NFC device and pay with your smartphone or smartwatch. The advantage of the online payment card is that it can be a clever way to reload a physical card. 

Simple, fast, efficient, the prepaid payment card is an incredible tool that will change the way you spend: you control each of your actions, withdrawal or payment, through your online account. At any time, you know where you stand!

Because there are as many ways to spend money as there are users, there are many prepaid cards available on the market. Discover the different types and select the one that suits you best. 

Choose your prepaid card according to the maximum amount you wish to credit, or according to the options you wish to use. Some offer for example the possibility to add a bank account number, contactless payment via a smartphone or a connected watch, a cashback service, 3D Secure, and many more...

There are many ways to customize your reloadable card, so you can choose the one that will fit your lifestyle!

Generally speaking, there are only advantages to owning a prepaid payment card. As it frees you from all banking constraints. First and foremost, no more overdraft fees! 

Indeed, an overdraft is impossible with a reloadable card, as it freezes when the balance is exhausted. No more colossal account maintenance fees or bank fees that you don't know about! 

Thanks to prepaid cards, you are free of any commitment, and you can pay in France and abroad. Finally, by opting for a nomad card, you no longer run the risk of having your bank card hacked when making an online purchase, as you do not give out your card codes. So, after all that, what are you waiting for to choose yours?